Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cool weather . . . it's here!

Ride Description:
Six of us met at the VM and rolled out just after 08:00. Most were wearing arm warmers, leg warmers, full finger gloves, and the odd vest here and there. One person, who shall remain nameless, showed up in shorts, short sleeve jersey, and fingerless gloves. Manly or just insane, was the subject of discussion.

In the Apison area we met up with a group of three from the Westview Elementary Sunday ride and rode for several miles with them before we headed to Cohutta.

The group split into two groups of three for much of the ride with the jack rabbits up front and the tortoises in the back. We later regrouped near the end of the ride.

One topic of discussion was the Larry Schwartz Year-Rounder Century Challenge and whether any of us were up to trying it. Guess we have until December 20 to make up our minds.

Thanks for a great, safe ride!

Route Description:
This route heads Southeast from Collegedale, TN to Cohutta, GA crossing several ridges in the process, including the Tennessee Valley Divide.

South from Cohutta, it's mainly rollers into Varnell where you get to tackle the climb on GA 2 heading West. It's just under one mile in length and is the second time this ride crosses the Tennessee Valley Divide.

Head North on the rollers of Stewart and others to Apison Pike where it's about six miles back into Collegedale.


Ride Details:
Distance: 33.5, Climb: 1934, Time: 1:56:05, Average: 17.7

Temp: 51-56, Wind: Calm, Clouds: Clear, Humidity: 86%-75%

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